FW Diagnostics Ordering – Unnumbered Copies

Now accepting payment via PayPal!

Pricing: $40.00 USD per copy! These copies are NOT individually serial numbered but come complete with FW Diagnostics cartridge, box, manual, color calibration card, Tune-Up Team membership card, and 2 tools: a 2.3mm triangle screwdriver, and spudger, for opening newer cartridges. The only things missing from the original release are the serial number, and the overlays – which aren’t actually needed to run the diagnostic utilities. A $14.95 savings!

Shipping (up to 2 copies):


FW Diagnostics – unnumbered

All copies are shipped via Canada Post, bubble wrapped in a sturdy shipping box. Copies shipped to the USA and Canada include insurance and a tracking number. NOTE: international shipments are NOT tracked – tracking is available for an additional (very large) fee.

E-mail us with any questions.