We now have several ROMs available for download/purchase. Remember, all proceeds from Desert Bus are going to the Child’s Play charity!

Note: all ROMs have been tested with the jzintv emulator and the LTO Flash! multicart. Several of these ROMs utilize technical features that may not be present in other emulators/multicarts. They may work, but we cannot guarantee compatibility.

Ask before purchasing if you have any questions. As these are digital files, unfortunately refunds are not available.

More ROMs coming soon! Check back often.

Free ROMs: these can be downloaded directly.

pINg! ROM Download pINg! for free!
Tutorvision detection ROM – this will detect if you have a Tutorvision console. Also useful to see which Intellivision EXEC ROM you have. Download Tutorvision detector for free!

ROMs for purchase: these will be emailed (along with full-color PDF instructions) within 24 hours of payment.

Desert Bus ROM

The classic 8 hour bus simulator, now available for purchase in ROM form! $10 USD. NOTE: If you are using a newer version of jzintv, you will have to have ecs.bin available as well as exec.bin and grom.bin. If you do not have ecs.bin, try running jzintv with “–ecs=0” on the command line to see if that helps.

GoatNom ROM

Eat the food, dodge the junk. Although what IS junk to a goat, anyway? 4 exciting stages to nom your way through! $10 USD.